Subject: Re: Effect of the MySQL FLOSS License Exception?
From: Chuck Swiger <>
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 11:29:59 -0400 wrote:
> Chuck Swiger scripsit:
>> Someone decides to use X and Y together in a new program, Z.  They 
>> write a Z.c which includes X.h and Y.h, and then links Z.o with X1.o, 
>> X2.o, Y1.o, Y2.o, etc to produce an executable Z.
>> Z derives from both X and Y: it depends on both and cannot stand alone.
> Not so.  It depends on X1, X2, Y1, Y2, etc. but not on X or Y (the executables).

Z the executable depends on X1.c, X2.c, Y1.c, etc, not X or Y as 
_executables_.  However, Z also depends on both the X and Y as _projects_.

If the result of project X isn't a stand-alone executable, but a shared object 
such as a library (zlib, GNU readline, libssl) or something like an Apache 
module (DSO's, aka dynamicly shared objects), Z the executable may well depend 

At one time, the FSF found it useful to encourage a distinction between 
compiling source units from a GNU project into a staticly linked executable, 
and between dynamicly linking a LGPL library into a seperate program.  These 
two methods of using GPLed/LGPLed code had very different implications in 
terms of licensing.

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