Subject: RE: The Affero GPL (AGPL)
From: "Philippe Ombredanne" <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 11:42:29 -0700

Michael Bernstein wrote:
> The web-app loophole is the main reason I don't want 
> to use the GPL for my web applications.

May I suggest the following:
If you are looking for a license that :
- has a strong reciprocity clause like the GPL,
- makes it so that an external network deployment is a akin to a
Then you should consider the Open Software License, which has all those
attributes, and is OSI approved.

> The one 'bug' I'm aware of in the license is the explicit mention of 
> HTTP as the transmission protocol, but this shouldn't affect it's 
> acceptability to OSI. I know it doesn't affect it's 
> acceptability to me.
The OSL does not restrict to a protocol, and protocol restriction would
be a violation of the OSD anyway, by making the AFL not technology
Check thy tenth commandment "License Must Be Technology-Neutral"....


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