Subject: Re: Redistribution constraint
From: Michael Bernstein <>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 08:11:27 -0700

Andrea Chiarelli wrote:

>>>The GPL constraint that imposes that every distribution must be licensed
>>>under the GPL itself is not a restriction on redistribution? Is not GPL
>>> an OS license?
>>This type of restriction is considered to be acceptable.
> How can I distinguish an acceptable restriction from an unacceptable one?

It's important to realize that copyleft licenses have as their goal 
ensuring freedoms (to use, modify, and redistribute) as far as is 
possible. Thus, restrictions on the ability to restrict the freedoms of 
others are generally acceptable.

A restriction that has as it's only goal preserving a privileged party's 
revenue or business model doesn't meet this criteria.

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