Subject: Re: A new license for documentation
From: Michal Nazarewicz <>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 16:26:49 +0100

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On Monday 15 of November 2004 13:37, Malcolm Bain wrote:
>MichaƂ Nazarewicz wrote:
>>  D. allow using parts of the document in a open source software,
>>  D.1. but not for not open source software (wouldn't that be against
>>       OSD 6?),
> [cut] it sounds like you are looking for
> something like the CreativeCommons Attribution-ShareAlike license

The license seems to meet most of my needs but is not OSI Certified and 
they main reason why I'm changing the license is to have a OSI Certified 
one. That may seem a little strange but I'd really prefer my whole work 
(the software _and_ it's documentation) to be OSI Certified.

> (with maybe NoCommercial - making it non OSD compatible as far as I
> understand).

The "NoCommercial" part is not what I want. You might thought it was 
because of the point D I had mentioned but I believe it (the point D) is 
OSD compatible (not sure though). The GNU LGPL, for example, allows 
changing the license to GNU GPL if needed.

The idea is to allow portions of a document to be included in an 
application without being forced to change the lciense of the application 
or the document (shortly speaking). If one wants to include (portions of) 
a GNU FDLed document in a GNU GPLed software he/she must change the 
document's license to GNU GPL or the software's license to GNU FDL which 
is nonsens.

Moreover (that's pretty important), the CreativeCommons Attribution 
ShareAlike license does not require the source code to be included (or am 
I missing something?).

It also doesn't require to describe changes (2.1.a and 2.1.b in rev 1.4 of 
my license's draft[1]) or keep URLs of previous versions (2.1.e in my 
draft) but I can live without that.

[1] <URL:>

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