Subject: Re: Basic Apache (was: GPL) Question (Newbie Warning)
From: Kelly Anderson <>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 11:41:25 -0800

Thank you License Gurus for your feedback. You've been very gentle, for 
which I'm grateful.

I stand corrected, thank you Brian! SpamAssassin is now licensed under the 
Apache 2.0 licence. It seems less restrictive than the GPL, but I'm still 
having some issues understanding how it might apply to my situation... 
legalese is not my native language.

I am in the process of porting SpamAssassin from Perl to C# so that it can 
run as managed code in the .NET environment. (I couldn't find a managed 
compiler/interpreter for Perl, and I know C# better.) Anyway, I have spent 
a lot of time, effort and money getting this done but I'm close to having 
it finished.

My original intent was to just use this in an email client that I'm 
writing. I had always assumed this would be ok, even under the GPL. Maybe 
that assumption was not correct. It would seem that under Apache, it is ok.

Now a few people have expressed interest in the library. In order to spread 
out the cost of the port, I'm wondering if it is legal to charge people for 
a copy of the library?

I'm also wondering if I MUST put the code out under the Apache License? 
(I'm guessing not from my reading.)

I suppose there is the question of whether I MAY put the code out under the 
Apache License, and I'm guessing the answer to this is YES.

If there are any other Gotcha's to what I'm doing (like I may end up in 
open source hell or prison) please share.