Subject: RE: License Question
From: "Chris Yoo" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 13:14:55 +1100

>1) Not only can an individual or corporation share the
>modified code in a GPL like fashion, but it is
>REQUIRED. Since this is an Enterprise wide
>application, most will require installations will
>require customizations. The goal is that eventually a
>set of commonly available modules will be available
>such that an organization can pick and chose to fit
>their needs. But using the code will require sharing.

Hi. I think the Reciprocal Public Licence
( requires sharing of modified
code, regardless of redistribution. See 6.1 (Availability of source code)
and 1.2 (Definition of 'Deploy'). Also see the FSF's comments on this
licence at

Am not sure about the second restriction though.

Chris Yoo