Subject: Re: For Approval: CDDL - license stewardship
From: John Cowan <>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 13:26:59 -0500

Ernest Prabhakar scripsit:

> Um, I'm confused.  These seem to be two totally different issues.   I 
> agree that there would be value in something like the MPL with more 
> neutral (or template-able) ownership terms.  (Isn't that what the 
> Common Public License and the OSL purport to be?).

Whether the OSL is more like the MPL (file level reciprocity) or like the
GPL (application level reciprocity) is an open question.

> But, it seems 
> obvious to me that the CDDL has much more going on (e.g., peculiar 
> patent issues) than just that, so I think it unfair to read Sun's use 
> of the CDDL as a specific slam against the MPL (or GPL, as some in the 
> press have made it).

Sun hasn't actually used the CDDL for anything yet, for one thing.
According to the people I talked with, the CDDL draws on the OSL/AFL
for guidance in some points.

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