Subject: RE: question about copying small amounts of code from BSD, MIT or Apache 1.1 licensed open source...
From: "Lawrence Rosen" <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2005 21:00:26 -0800

John Cowan wrote:
> You guys are lawyers and I'm not, so I'll say what needs saying.
> Using a snippet like that is almost certainly either fair use or
> de minimis, and nobody using the BSD license is likely to be a
> fanatic about it.  Even the FSF explicitly doesn't care about ten
> GPLed lines or less.

John's right. Rod Dixon said pretty much the same thing in an email earlier
> Does the snippet of code constitute
> copyrightable expression? Is it subject to fair use? etc. The answers to
> these questions cannot be answered in the abstract.

/Larry Rosen

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