Subject: Re: brainstorming
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 16:58:35 -0800

Quoting Benjamin Rossen (

> I make three comments in reply (for what they are worth): 

Hey, Benjamin?  You just sent a mailing list (public) post, quoting a piece
of private e-mail (mine).  If accidental, that was a rather ghastly and
embarrassing error on your part.  If deliberate, it was fscking well rude.

> (2) the GPL license was certainly designed to "prevent" free software
> from becoming closed.

Well, to prevent _an instance_ of covered work from giving rise to
proprietary derivatives works.  Other instances of the same work might
well come with different terms attached.

My apologies if that, like the rest of the real world of copyright and
software licensing, is too detailed and nitpicky for you.

[Gratuitous and clueless other-people's-choice-of-license-is-not-OK
rhetoric, apparently lobbying for the Brett Glass Nobody Cares Award, 

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