Subject: RE: What's this commercial license, and what's the problem with CDDL?
From: Jason White <>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 17:26:17 +1100

Chris Yoo writes:
 > Here is my two cents.
 > >From a business perspective, I believe that a restrictive approach to the
 > certification of open source licenses stifle business innovation and the
 > wider adoption of open source as a software development strategy:

That's presumably why the only concrete suggestion so far canvassed on
this list would maintain a list of recommended licenses, rather than
restrict the criteria for approving new licenses by modifying the
open-source definition.

Nor is this inconsistent with the possibility of the OSI's playing a
role, through the approval process, in promoting the interoperability
of licenses by encouraging the authors of proposed licenses to remove
avoidable incompatibilities, without sacrificing their underlying