Subject: Re: Apache License in Code
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 09:06:12 +0200

Quoting Russell Nelson <>:

> Stuart Murdock writes:
>  > I have a pretty basic question on the distribution and development of
>  > code and it's licensing.
> It's unfortunately not that basic.  How do you know that the person
> who did the commit of the license had the authority to do so?  A very
> firm requirement of the law for anybody to enter into an agreement is
> that they understand that they are doing so.  You really need to talk
> to a lawyer about the specific details of this case before you can get
> a usable answer.

In fact, that is why the Apache Software Foundation has the Contributor 
Agreements, to have a contract that says the contributor had that specific

Herko project manager