Subject: RE: mechanised documentation and my business model solution
From: Rich Morin <>
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 10:21:46 -0800

At 10:04 AM -0600 4/4/06, Anderson, Kelly wrote:
> ... can you create a page at anytime about anything from anywhere

I'm not planning to limit folks' ability to create pages.  However,
I will limit their ability to edit (and therefore insert links into)
mechanically-generated content.  In general, this content will be
"included" into editable pages, so adding links in the latter will
serve most needs.

> ... is there an overall order to the structure of the documents
> in question.

The mechanically-generated pages will have an overall order.  For
example, there might be a page for each man page, subsystem, file
in the distributed file tree, etc.  Other pages can then be added.

> ... do you allow anybody to create and/or edit content, or do
> you limit certain activities (like creating a new page) to
> certain classes of user?

Currently, I require registration to perform edits, create pages,
etc.  There may also be certain pages or sections which are only
editable by the Bot, but this is only to keep folks from editing
content which would simply be overwritten.

> By looking at orthogonal aspects of the problem, ...

Very few things are completely orthogonal; otherwise, I agree.

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