Subject: Re: My ears are red (was Re: the walls have ears)
Date: 3 Jun 1999 08:58:34 -0000

>Thinking about your business plan, another thought would be to align
>yourself with a group or groups for whom an office suite would be icing,
>gloss, or an avenue for further business opportunities of their own. 
>These might include HW vendors (Compaq, Dell, Gateway, VA Research,
>Penguin Computing), service companies (IBM, Oracle, SAS, EDS), or user
>groups (say, a business alliance).

Not to mention HSC (Home Shopping Channel), QVC, etc.  At some point,
it should be possible to convince them to sell GNU/Linux platforms
running an office suite, since they'll run faster, perform better,
crash less often, and cost less than equivalent W9[58] machines.

However, during my casual channel-flipping, I notice they seem to
stress multimedia a lot these days when hawking their systems
(which seem to be 466 Celerons).  I assume GNU/Linux isn't quite
ready there, yet.

So, maybe there's still way too much catching-up to do...then again,
maybe they'll decide they have a bunch of customers who want to get
real work done, without paying extra for all the k00l stuff.  (That's
certainly how I feel.)

        tq vm, (burley)