Subject: "Suite Freedom" clarification
From: rdm@CFCL.COM (Rich Morin)
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 94 09:13:00 PDT

Following an inquiry or two, I now realize that all readers of this list
may not know about Suite Freedom.  As the term may come up again, here is
a brief explanation:

  The first Suite Freedom was held at the Winter 1992 USENIX conference.
  It was sponsored by Cygnus Support and Prime Time Freeware.  FSF and LPF
  also participated.

  Suite Freedom II was held at the 1994 Winter USENIX.  Seven organizations
  (The Andrew Consortium, Cygnus Support, Nascent Technology, O'Reilly &
  Associates, Prime Time Freeware, Walnut Creek CDROM, and Yggdrasil)
  sponsored the suite.  FSF and LPF displayed literature.

  The idea of Suite Freedom is to provide a visible presence for freeware-
  based vendors and organizations.  Both suites to date were organized by
  Prime Time Freeware, and had UNIX-related content and venue.  This is by
  no means critical (or even desirable) in the long run, however.  If any
  freeware-based organizations wish to put together reincarnations of the
  Suite at other shows, they are encouraged to do so.  The Suite Freedom
  banner and assorted advice are available for use at no charge (:-).

It's a little late to organize a suite for Summer USENIX, and nobody has
shown any interest in doing so, in any case.  Other possibilities include
next Winter's USENIX, the Fall LISA conference, and perhaps the VHLL event.
Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in running a suite...


P.S.  If you would like to be on the list I use for Suite Freedom email,
      let me know your email address, name, organization name if any, and
      the nature of your freeware-related activities.