Subject: Re: Returns to service professionals
From: "Karsten M. Self" <>
Date: Sun, 04 Jul 1999 20:17:36 +0000

Brian Bartholomew wrote:
> > I really do believe that a lot of companies have, that the internet
> > as they now encounter it, is a limitless resource, when in fact it
> > was created by a cooperative spirit, and the kind of innovations
> > that gave them their springboard will get "used up", and they are
> > going to have to start doing more of the heavy lifting themselves to
> > get to the next level.  My point is that like sustainable
> > agriculture, it's better to start before you've depleted the soil.
> Perhaps the pool of volunteer/charity programming talent is a commons
> which can be overgrazed.

Yes, in the sense that Tim writes, I believe.  This isn't consistant
with Hardin's original definition of the Commons, however, as
volunteer/charity talent is self-directed -- it isn't something which
can be harnessed in the same sense that a commons can be grazed.  The
analogy would be that the commons decides which cattle it will produce
feed for.

Further, I'll submit the usual counter-Bartholomew response that much
programming talent in OSS is not volunteer/charity, but is indirectly
sponsored through other commercial or compensated activity.

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