Subject: Free hardware DEC Itsy clone
From: Brian Bartholomew <>
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 1999 15:17:03 -0400

> DEC/Compaq has said they have no immediate plans to produce product
> in bulk.  Contemplate why they would make such a decison :-)

DEC's famous sales-prevention force?  Only hobbyists would buy it?  If
non-hobbyists bought it they would cause a ridiculous support load?  I
personally think these are opportunities to dominate the next
generation of PDAs via libre research from the net, but hey.

> So now it's a $2000 palm top toy that's almost half as useful as a
> $1500 Toshiba Libretto (which can run Linux, BTW).  Are you sure
> this is still a good idea?

Yes.  The Libretto doesn't attract me because (a) the battery life is
so short I have to constantly think about managing it, and (b) it's
not small and hardy enough I can throw it in a backpack pocket and
forget it.  A Linux box in a pager form factor, that runs for at least
a week on a single charge, is very interesting to me.  Maybe like that
Motorola two-way pager in the clamshell case, with the chiclet
keyboard you use with your thumbs?  Add sound input and output, keep
the radio, soup up the CPU, and port Linux to it.  Yum!

| An Itsy would cost $1,000 to make in small quantities.

That would be even better.

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