Subject: Re: Free Software == Dumping?
From: (William Cheng)
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 95 14:45:49 PDT

> Did anyone see that comparison some lawyer made (as I recall it was on
> between free software (specifically Netscape) and
> ``dumping'', which is the supposedly evil practice of selling products
> below the cost of production, in the hopes of driving your competition
> out of business?
> While I think that dumping is a stupid thing to legislate against
> (tell me again why this hurts society for someone to sell something at
> a price ruinous to them??), fact of the matter is that there *are*
> laws against it.  Has anyone been threatened with this?

Is it okay for small company to ``dump'' or no one is suppoed to ``dump''?

I'm also wondering about the same thing that others are asking regarding
that since cost is almost zero for the physical production (may be even
distribution) of free software, does ``dumping'' apply to free software?
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