Subject: Re: Red Hat and Cygnus unify
From: "Tim O'Reilly" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 12:26:37 -0800

DJ Delorie wrote:
> This is what I'm complaining about, but from the Cygnus side.  We no
> longer have that chance to prove that for ourselves.

My guess is that the money was too good to pass up.  (And I don't mean
that venally.  Even though it's a private company, Cygnus has investors
and shareholders, and has a fiduciary duty to them.)  We'll all see when
the terms of the deal are announced.  Overall, I'd be surprised if it
wasn't good for Cygnus and its employees, and good for Open Source and
free software.  In any event, this is likely the first of many.  The
game changed in some fundamental ways once Red Hat got the valuation it

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