Subject: Re: Free software jobs for candidates (was Re: The merger: a user'sperspective)
From: "Karsten M. Self" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 18:22:01 +0000 wrote:

> > That's unfortunate, and not what I am talking about here.  I want it so that
> > candidates (say, a veteran hacker who just discovered free software, or a new
> > graduate who doesn't want to enter the proprietary software world at all)
> > have a list of companies to send their résumés to.
> Many companies that have such jobs will not fill them this way, and do not
> need to.  Consider ActiveState.  They have made several hires.  But who
> have they hired?  People who were already working on the software in
> question!  By doing this they guarantee that their new hire is competent,
> won't have a learning curve, will fit in to the community, etc.  For the
> pure free software development jobs, I don't think that this is unusual.
> Therefore rather than listing by company who is hiring to work on free
> software it might be much more useful to identify by project, people who
> have been hired.

This is an explicit part of our strategy at OpenSales as well -- utilize
our free software development pool as a potential hiring channel.

I might add that my own "resume" for my current position was, in large
part, my attendence at LUGs and output on various mailing lists, forums,
and newsgroups.  Granted, I'm not directly involved in development

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