Subject: Do I owe you money?
From: v - Mark Kuharich <>
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 16:17:07 -0800

I'm curious. I take Linux-Mandrake, JBuilder Foundation Edition, the JDK 2
Standard Edition and the JRE for Linux. With Apache/jserv (Tomcat), I
develop an application that runs on Linux with an HTML UI. It's great. Now I
want to distribute it. I'm going to sell a PC with Linux and the JRE and my
servlets. I have no intention of claiming pure anything or using anyone's
trademarked word in my marketing tools. Every tool I used is supposed to be
free. Do I owe anyone any money for royalties? I'm a little confused by this
issue: If you use open source software, either as is or hack some open
source code, are you required to open source your resulting software? If so,
does this depend on the license (GPL, etc.)?

Mark Kuharich

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