Subject: Re: Who is Leon Stambler?
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 14:39:51 -0800
Thu, 15 Mar 2001 14:39:51 -0800
on Thu, Mar 15, 2001 at 04:47:23PM -0500, Ben (Ben
> And what is the status of his many lawsuits?
> Leon Stambler has a list of patents he claims in the US related to online
> cryptographic transactions.  In a brief search I turned up US patents
> 5524073, 5555303, 5646998, 5793302, 5936541 and 5974148.  

And 5,267,314, plus D290,548 and RE31,302.

If Greg and Tim are still on speaking terms after P2PCon, there's been
some coverage in PATNEWS, Greg Aharonian's patent and IP newsletter,
since April of last year:

    !20000411  Let's bust Stambler;  Boycott AOL's patent of 1-search
    An inventor named Leon Stambler is claiming to have invented all of
    Internet security in 1992, based on his patents 5267314, 5524073,
    5555303, 5646998, 5793302, 5936541 and 5974148.  With the PTO unable to
    examine security patents as well as, well everything else in software,
    Stambler has a nice collection of crappy patents for which he will
    probably end up "techsearching" many companies (extorting by asking for
    $30,000 license fees).  Anyways, his lawyers are sending out letters of
    accusation, one victim of which wants me to do a patent bust.  Anyone
    else who wants to buy in as well, please contact me.


    !20000614  Stambler; CNet patent; Microsoft patent; Bournemouth IP centre   


    Much like everyone else, I have been real busy as of late (which is why
    PATNEWS has become rather boring).  However I am gearing up to have a go
    at the Stambler patents - apropos in light of a new round of letters of
    notice being sent out.  Call me if you are interested, or already called
    me and promised to send me a letter.


    !20001017  Stambler; Nicotine; Bio IP rights; ants & antibiotics

    RE STAMBLER: But first, once again, any lawyers interested in getting
    into a joint effort to seek out prior art to crush the Stambler patents
    on behalf of your client, please contact me.  I am getting another wave
    of nibbles, maybe this time enough will be willing to act.  This is my
    last time trying to pull this off.


    !20010221  Crushing Napster Part II: Bad P2P ethics

    (NOTE: I am doing a Stambler bust.  Once you translate the claims into
    regular English, their claims are pretty much crap.  A 1990s attempt to
    claim 1980s technology, much like Rozmanith, and all of the upcoming P2P
    patent filings. Anyone interested in buying in, email me.) 


Greg's info:

    Greg Aharonian
    Internet Patent News Service

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