Subject: Re: that "discard" thing
From: Casey West <>
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 09:24:33 -0500

It was Thursday, February 27, 2003 when Simon Cozens took the soap box, saying:
: Tom Lord:
: > good analogy: the free software industry is evolving into one in which
: > the intrinsic reward of doing something you love is the only
: > compensation programmers should expect
: It's not evolving into one. It always was one. Unless my history is much
: mistaken, doing free software for love (or moral reasons) came first, and
: then the business was built around it later.

Yes, I believe your memory is serving you well.  Mine reminds me that
the most successful Free Software Businesses followed this approach.
The love of the code led to good code, which lead to profit (or
sustainability, which is good enough for some).  It doesn't seem to
work the other way around, very often.

  Casey West

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