Subject: Re: OT-ness and a new list? (Was: Opportunity lost?...)
From: Steve Mallett <>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 10:18:47 -0300


> those are just three models off the top of my head. i also want to see
> the general Challenge continue, which was to find ways for individual,
> or small-scale developers to profit off of creating open source/free
> software (as i understood it.). i can add that to the above list, as
> well.
> there was talk earlier of starting a 'beginners' list for open source,
> to hand-hold people and businesses into the open source market. i am
> interested in this as well.

Well, its time to shoot myself in the foot....

As ego satisfying as it would be for me to run a mailing list, with big
names on it, regarding handholding (which I was planning to do) there
seems to be more than casual interest here for the creation of one. 
Ultimately, for it to be of real value, people have to be able to find
it to participate in it. That is to say, that list should really be
somewhere that newbies are virtually guaranteed to find it.   I think,
so far, that Adam & I don't qualify in that regard.

Anyone, with real "presence" feel inclined to pick this up?  Host it at
least so it has a address?

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