Subject: Re: Mandatory donations or build from CVS...
From: (Kevin A. Burton)
Date: 12 Oct 2001 16:16:26 -0700

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Norbert Bollow <> writes:
> If for the $5 you give me download access not only to the stable build but also
> the corresponding source tarball, then we have a deal that I may be willing to
> accept IF you can somehow convince me that your program or some of its code will
> be useful for my purposes.

Yes.  This is what I was implying.  

> > > I think it's ok to require a mandatory donation from those who can't be
> > > bothered to read the README.... but I'll probably rebel if you don't give
> > > me a free download of a tarball with sources for a stable version.  > >
> > > Certainly you are free to have this opinion but why?  You > can't part
> > > with $5.00?  This is a cup of coffee, 20 quarters, > 2/3s of a
> > > sandwich... :)
> I'd not normally spend $5.00 on a cup of coffee, nor $7.50 on a sandwich,
> either.

Maybe you don't live in San Francisco :)

> I'm not saying that my likely reaction is rational, or morally correct.... I
> just told you what it'd likely be.

That is fine :).  I appreciate the feedback.

> To make donation-ware work in a way that prevents rebellion from someone like
> me you'd need to offer these options at least:

ah.. this is what I am looking for :)

> 1.  A free download of a time-limited version of your stable build that runs
> without problems on whatever computer where I want to use it.

ah... I wanted to avoid crippleware :(

> 2.  A free download of a sample sourcefile (where I can see your programming
> style) as well as access to the license under which the program is
> distributed.

Good point about the license.  I am not sure about the source code issue as this
is totally subjective.   

> 3.  Donation-ware download of source tarball for stable build.
> Some way to access your most recent experimental code (e.g. CVS access) is great
> but not necessary for me.  I wouldn't mind if this is limited to those who have
> donated the '5 at least once.

Ah.. you mean a nightly build?  This is another good point and something I will
have to take into consideration...



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