Subject: UnixTeX business lessons
From: mark@ENLIL.PREMENOS.SF.CA.US (Mark Grand)
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1993 08:35:07 -0800

>>>>> On Thu, 11 Feb 93 13:02:33 -0800, gnu@CYGNUS.COM said:

John> (I expect and hope and pray that this will be fixed within a
John> year or three -- if I wasn't busy with Cygnus, I'd probably be
John> making it happen.  Then it'll be possible to charge for support
John> and distribution services performed over the net, in a low
John> overhead way for both the supplier and the customer.)

I think your prayers will be answered within the next three years.  I
am begining to see people getting serious about sending EDI over the
internet.  It will probably be one to three years before it becomes
wide spread.

There is something that will help a little in the shorter term: public
key based privacy enhanced mail.  The RFCs on that are very recently

The advent of privacy enhanced mail will allow people to send credit
card numbers and bank wire information over the internet without
having to worry about the information falling into the wrong hands.
All that the world needs now are some widely distributed

I'm not in the fsb business myself, but perhaps some of you folks
would benifit from adding pem (privacy enhanced mail) capability to
packages such as RMAIL, mh, elm...