Subject: Re: Bounty for Bugs in Open Source Projects?
From: "A. Pagaltzis" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 03:30:16 +0200

* Ben Laurie <> [2005-04-18 05:05]:
> What's always seemed to me to the best way to do this is to
> combine the two approaches. That is, party A wants bug B fixed
> and invites tenders to do so, then chooses one.
> The forward bounty approach seems to me to drive the market
> towards the cheapest (rather than the best) fix and certainly I
> rarely, if ever, see a bounty that even vaguely approaches the
> kind of money that would give me incentive to do the work.

But wouldn’t your combined scenario above have the exact same
effect? Say the company asks for a bug to be fixed and 10
developers write offers. Who’s the company going to pick: the
most expensive offer, or the cheapest one?