Subject: Re: Linux in the NYTimes
From: John Gilmore <>
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 1998 12:18:06 -0800

> >>
> >> Free if you live in the US
>    well I do not... what is the idea  for this difference ?

(I've asked someone at the NY Times your question, which is an excellent

A convention got started a few years ago for accessing web sites that
require a "free" username and password so they can track your
accesses.  The convention is to use the username "cypherpunks" (or
as much of it as fits) and password "cypherpunks".  This works on
the New York Times web site.

Since hundreds or thousands of people use this username and password
on all kinds of web sites, every additional user makes it even harder
for the Web sites to track individual usage.  Tracking people depends
on their willingness to keep their username and password secret; but
tracking web users is not in the peoples' own interest, so they
publish, rather than secure, their usernames and passwords.

I encourage both US and non-US Web users to assist in this process.

	John Gilmore
	(co-founder of the cypherpunks)

PS:  If that username and password doesn't work on a site, please
register on that site as "cypherpunks" with that password.  Then it
will work, for you and for everyone else.