Subject: Re: Exploring the limits of free software
Date: 24 May 1999 03:11:03 -0000

>	   charge $6K for a copy (GNUPro with all targets)
>I believe this is essentially correct.

Since the recipient of the copy is then free to distribute copies to
others, it's still in the free-software ballpark.  Doesn't really matter
what Cygnus (or anyone) charges for the effort they go to to create
and distribute *their* copies.

>	   withhold releasing improvements gratis for several months
>In certain limited cases, yes.

Again, of course, not releasing them *gratis* doesn't mean not
releasing them *libre*.

And, it's probably wise, in these discussions, to make the distinction
(especially when there might be a difference "downstream", i.e. in
the implications made) between:

  -  "release" in the sense of something packaged up as a "supported"
     product shipment

  -  "release" in the sense of distribution to another entity (i.e. outside

In the former sense, Cygnus *does* make "releases" that are "gratis" --
they don't charge people for the information regarding which particular
components/versions/sourcefiles of free software that go into a release.
(And, yes, I consider that *valuable* information, and wouldn't be
surprised if businesses find ways to charge for that while keeping
the information GPL-style-free.)

        tq vm, (burley)