Subject: Urban Legends about Free Software
From: Leonard Norrgard <vinsci@NIC.FUNET.FI>
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1993 22:11:11 +0300

> To overcome these objections, a standard reprint, article, etc., that
> briefly but definitively mows down these straw men could turn the
> tide.  It should be short, but must be fact-filled and well
> researched.

This sounds like a good thing.

Later on you write:

>                                                 SPA protects the
> identify of its informants, even when the so-called information is
> false and malicious, so the disgruntled former employee got his
> revenge without having to endure so much as a nasty look in return.

I'm a little curious about how it has become know it was a disgruntled
former employee who did this, if the SPA protects the identity of its

> Yet most of my clients refuse free software in favor of SPA software
> with a common ground being that the free stuff is legally risky!  A
> short handout could be the solution.

I think the difference between free and gratis should be pointed out
as well in such an article.

-- vinsci