Subject: Free market (Was: Re: Lehman Report, Software patents, and more)
From: (Peter Busser)
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 1994 11:45:16 +0000 (GMT)

> You can have a great deal of faith in the ability of a free market 
> to serve both producers and consumers efficiently.  If people have 
> money to spend on a product or service, a free market *will* find 
> a way to provide it.  

You're talking about a free money-market. But we're not only talking about an
money-market, but also about an information-market. The latter is less well-
known, but not less important. And it's not free at all! Look at the
information Microsoft is hiding from it's competitors... Look at the money that
that information monopoly generates. The free market works, as long as you
*only* look at money. But if you look at the information side of the free
market, then it is clear that such a thing as a "free market" does not exist.
Simple theories result in simple solutions. I doubt if simple theories like the
"free" market and it's resulting solutions really work in an increasingly
complex reality.

In short: there is more to a market than just money.

Peter Busser