Subject: Re: Why EROS is Open Source
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999 19:19:32 -0500

>> It seems obvious to me (now) that the only way to
>> ensure the "quid pro quo" in the open source community is to use an
>> infectious licensing model. Most people won't give back unless they have
>> to.
>This is demonstrably untrue - look at all the Berkeley-style licenced
>free software out there, and tell me "most people aren't giving back"

While Ben's point is well taken, I have encountered too many people eager
to proprietize software to be willing to go the BSD route for EROS.  Some
people give back no matter what, and others don't give back at all.
Neither Ben nor I is able to collect data, so this is one of those things
that needs to be decided based on a judgement call.

Taken overall, my opinion is that GPL'd software has done better than BSD
software. In the Linux/BSD case a direct comparison is possible, and the
outcome to date is pretty clear.  Could it change? Time will tell.  I made
a call with EROS that was the best call I felt I could make at the time.

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