Subject: Open Source for Windows
From: Glen Starchman <>
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 14:17:35 -0500

Anyone on this list have any interest in an open source repository for the 
Windows platform(s)?  I have been sitting on the domain for 
quite a while now and keep getting emails from people saying things like 
'When are you going to *do* something with this domain?'. 

The idea is to create a resource for developers to create and to 
collaboratively create (by picking and choosing various libraries and 
receiving a custom file with all of those dependencies) applications that are 
mostly open source. I say mostly because due to the licensing restrictions of 
most Windows DLLs the projects cannot be truly open sourced. However, it is a 

I have an initial database schema, the idea, and the domain all ready to go. 
What I don't have is the time to pull it off. This should be a very high 
traffic site, although not necessarily high profit. I am trying to find 
someone who would like to be involved at a founder level in this extremely 
bootstrapped endeavor. 

Anyone interested?