Subject: Re: crux of the essence
From: "Mark Rauterkus" <>
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 15:29:25 -0400

Hi *,

What kind of reply is this?
> And MOOOOOO to you.

Dave made wonderful points to Tony that I agree with 100%. I try not to nod
on the list -- but others who don't know the history might not be so keen to
witness Dave's remarks. But, they fit and need to be said. Dave shows
courage to state them. I support the harsh remarks to the BS (well stated)
from Tony. The sensible are out here and appreciate the harsh truth as
posted by Dave. It gets a cheer -- and not a MOOOOO, but I'm not sure what
the terms of the MOOOOO imply.

>> It will be easier than you think, but it requires unorthodox
>> conceptualization.
> That is a tall, tall statement, and you'd best be ready to defend it
> in Africa and Asia, places where the vast majority of this planet's
> people live and I venture to guess, based on your ignorance, that
> you've never even visited.
>> In fact, it will happen without people explaining it or
>> understanding it.  It is built into the technology. Another gift of
>> the Internet :)
> Bullshit, pure and simple.  First, those people all need to eat, have
> clean water and live indoors.  Next they need to be able to read,
> write and cipher.  Medical care?  You would *not* believe the kind of
> primitive nonsense the vast majority of people on the planet get
> instead of that.  I won't get into democracy or freedom, and neither
> will they soon.  And all that is a prerequisite to this computer
> revolution of which you so blithely speak.
>> >Tony, last I checked there were _six billion_ people in the world.
>> >Every single one is unique, and has something valuable to offer each
>> >of the others.  Your expected lifetime is 75*365.25*24*60*60 =
>> >2.36682e+09 seconds.  That means you have to democratically humanely
>> >with-respect-for-uniqueness non-corporately relate to 3 people per
>> >second, and you've already wasted a couple of decades, and you'll
>> >waste a couple more sleeping before you retire from this life.
>> For the first time in history, I can democratically, humanely,
>> with-respect-for-uniqueness, and non-corporately relate to the other
>> 6 billion people directly (or will in the next decade or so).
> Bullshit.  See above.
>> But with the Internet, those 6 billion can self-organize in the way
>> we see with markets.
> Will you please put down the licensarian party pamphlet and the crack
> pipe before you post?  You're really making me ill.
> Cheers,
> D


Mark Rauterkus