Subject: Re: Perl OS? (was: torvalds)
From: Adam Theo <>
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 18:46:49 -0400

Mark Eichin wrote:

>>I'm sure I'll regret this, but ... what language do you think kernels
>>should be written in?
> Ada95 is the obvious choice (RTEMS being a worked example.)  Java is
> differently-flawed, but there's some potential for java-like languages
> in that space.  Of course, something like the Flux OSkit with any
> high-level-language (the def'n of which we can debate elsewhere) on
> top is an improvement; a random example from the net:
> 	New OSKit 0.96 released and a "Scheme machine"
> But that may have suffered from the "all scheme projects are doomed"
> syndrome, as I don't see a more recent reference.  (And no, I don't
> have any theories about the syndrome, just lots of evidence.)

hm... hate to change to topic here, but as a quickie note, anyone heard
of a operating system done in Perl? complete with kernel? i've been
thinking of trying it just because everyone's told me i shouldn't bother
trying :-)

i'm thinking of a OS that would basically be one big Jabber 
<> client, working on a P2P model (which I want to 
fix into Jabber), and uses a webpage-like interface to the desktop and 
applications, instead of windows and panels. i wouldn't need to be 
POSIX-compliant. i'm thinking of a pure XML filesystem, using the Common 
Name Resolution Protocol (from the IETF) for file names and groups, 
instead of a directory heirarchy.
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