Subject: Re: improving project maintainership
From: Chip Mefford <>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 03:46:42 -0800 (PST)

On Tue, 12 Feb 2002, Jonathan S. Shapiro wrote:
> snip
> , and I do not believe
> that there is an inalienable right to source code any more than I believe
> there is an inalienable right to oxygen. Source code, for me, is a business
> strategy.

Sorry for the interruption, but I have been doing my best to keep up
here, and I had to stop and make a note here.

I also don't belive in the concept of rights, rights are a human
institution and have to be commonly accepted in order to exist in
practice. That said, If, by your example, Source code is a business
strategy, what is oxygen? Is it also a business strategy? If it
were, I have a feeling a few folks might protest somewhat vehemently.

I'm afraid I am not able to follow this line of logic at all.