Subject: Re: Open Source Developer (Economics)
From: "Karsten M. Self" <>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 06:04:36 +0000

on Thu, Mar 20, 2003 at 01:11:05PM -0500, Robin 'Roblimo' Miller (
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> >The discussion I wish to initiate is based on various published
> >reports that indicate the lack of OSS with respect to "business
> >critical" or "Mission Critical" software that can effectively compete
> >with SAP, ORACLE finance, ORACLE HR, SIEBEL,  to name a few examples.

> Actually, the seeds of such software exist in the form of VistA, the set 
> of hospital and clinical management software tools a small group of IT 
> people inside the Veterans Administration started developing way back in 
> the 1970s, based on a system whose development started at Massachusetts 
> General Hospital in the 1960s, that now runs all 170 VA hospitals and 
> quite a few others in Europe. See to learn more.


A number of notable proprietary software products have their roots in
research or government projects.  A tool I use (SAS) traces to both --
it was a tool developed at University of North Carolina, and was
initially deployed by the USDA.  In the field of healthcare, there is a
company called PHAMIS, based out of Seattle last I checked, whose
origins and name come from the (IIRC) Public Health Administration
Management Information System.  Oracle was originally a project of the
US intelligence community.

This is a fairly common development funding & bootstrap mechanism.  It's
own FSBs should exploit where possible.  Going to the original (and, if
developed by US Federal government agencies, but _not_ contractors,
public domain) sources if possible.


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