Subject: Re: My customers
From: Leonard Norrgard <>
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 1994 14:13:10 +0300

> work that I can do.  Right now, I'm not even *looking* for new work.
> I have contacts from the spring Interop that I haven't spoken to,
> because I don't want their business!  And I'm not going to fall
> Interop because I'm so busy.

Then, why don't you expand your bussiness by employing more people
(rather than subcontract to your friend)?  Not going to a trade show,
where I suppose people are expecting you to show up, because "you're
too busy" sounds particularly dangerous to me.  At the trade show, it
will look more like you're out of bussiness, starting the rumour mill.

-- vinsci