Subject: Re: Soul of a New Economic Idea?
From: Gordon Joly <>
Date: Mon, 08 Feb 93 10:41:00 +0000

I often write to the newspapers. Some of my letters have been
published in a compendium book ("Notes & Queries", Volumes 2 and 3,
published by Fourth Estate, c.1991 & 1992.).  The copyright is held by
newspaper in question (The Manchester Guardian) and some of my words
are have been aired on TV: here the copyright is held by the BBC.

My "freewordware" is widespread. I have been told that one letter has
been published in the weekly Guardian that is published in North

My beef is simple. Should I assert my right to be the author of my
words? I have recently come around to thinking that I should retain my
rights, and only when since I realised that the TV programme was not
quite the quality I had assumed and that many of the "authors" (three
of whom I know personally) had not received proper acknowledgement.
There is a blanket "thanks to all" in the television credits.


P.S. The column in the newspaper and hence the TV program deals with
questions and answers sent in by readers of the Guardian to question
such as "why is water wet?".

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