Subject: Intellectual Property Reform
From: (Kevin A. Burton)
Date: 11 Jan 2002 01:44:22 -0800

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Just some things I have been thinking of.

Ever since the source code for Quake 2 was released

I have been really thinking about this issue.

I think ID software did a GREAT job here.  They made money and at the same time
contributed back to the community.

I would have NO problem within having a system of copyright for software that
expired after 3-5 years and required that the source code go back to the public.

I think that Open Source would still exist in this world, as it should.  However
I think this would also enable a marketplace for software vendors (like Ximian
or TheKompany, etc) who wanted to charge $$$ for their products yet at the same
time avoid having to ship binary-only software.

What would be necessary to see this happen?  I would assume that this would need
discussion and political backing to actually happen.  Of course Microsoft would
lobby HARD against this.

Also.  Could this be a strategic advantage for some companies?  Ship your code
in source form and the license would become GPL after X years...

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