Subject: Re: Communities as the new IPR?
From: Jim Thompson <>
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 08:26:54 -1000

Russell Nelson wrote:

>Brian Behlendorf writes:
> > If one believes "communities are the new IPR", then being the center of 
> > a new community built around one's offerings might have more value than 
> > being a new entrant into a pre-existing community built around other 
> > people's offerings.
>Hrm.  Gratuitious wheel reinvention seem undesirable from a social
>policy point of view.  On the other hand, how do you know it's
>gratuitious?  If we were wise enough to answer that question, we
>wouldn't need competitive markets.
seems to me one must either believe in the "efficiency" of a 
free/competitive market (in which case reinvention is fine, as the 
'market' will pick the winner) or one must believe in (and support) 
"social policy".

Your statement appears to want it "both ways".