Subject: Re: Business plan for Messieurs Lord & Turnbull
From: "David Welton" <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 18:28:56 +0200

> I think we're all flattered.   But, how about this:  *after* some of us
> make a cool few million, at least, and *after* we create some jobs for
> third parties -- then, the book.   Until then, I'm sorry to let you down,
> but we're arguably just a bunch of blowhards ;-)

Some people's "comparative advantage" is in things like collecting and
disseminating information.  That is Stephen's job, for instance, and I
think he has a lot of credibility here, even if, to my knowledge, he
hasn't made millions of dollars from a free software business.

David N. Welton