Subject: Re: Take the pledge (.org)
From: "Robert A. Bruce" <>
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 15:49:27 -0700

Russell Nelson <> said...
>Peter Deutsch writes:
> > FYI, I wouldn't sign this pledge, since I'm too much of a
> > pragmatist and it smacks of "hating Microsoft for being
> > Microsoft",
>Thank you for your comments.
>Nahhhhh, I don't hate Microsoft for being Microsoft, I hate them for
>putting out crappy software.  Windows sucks!  There's no better way to
>express the reason why one wouldn't use it!  You remember when Ross
>Perot heard a "giant sucking sound"??  That wasn't NAFTA, that was
>Windows!  Why, Windows sucks even more than Monica Lewinsky!

You should be happy that Microsoft software sucks.  Can you imagine
how hard it would be to break their monopoly if their software was

When we started switching our salespeople from Windows to FreeBSD,
there was almost no resistance.  Most were happy about the change.
But when I suggested that we try to use FreeBSD for graphic design,
instead of using MacOS, my graphic artists were outraged, and one
of them was prepared to quit.  They love their Macintoshes and none
of them were willing to even try a different OS.