Subject: Re: unsubscribe
From: Jeffrey Kegler <jeffrey@NETCOM.COM>
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 93 17:20:27 -0700

> Kindly unsubscribe me from this list. It's gotten to the point that
> you all are discussing the number of angels that can sit on the head
> of a pin. Free Software Businesses will not work in the long run -
> you can't just give away your software and then hope that people will
> pay for support.  It's not a good self-policing system.  Anything that
> relies on the good nature of people is hopelessly lost from the start.

Is it socialism to believe that the market should decide the battle
between FSB's and PSB's (proprietary software businesses)?  Many of the
FSB's advocates, it is true, seem to have a collectivist outlook, but
many are like myself very anti-socialist.

99% of the costs PSB's impose on customers are required by the need to
charge.  Surely it's not socialism to think such a high overhead method
of software distribution is not necessarily going to be universally
successful.  (I do, however, think that PSB's will always be around --
this will be a continuing competition with no winner but society.)

A common caricature of individualist philosophy is that it's sole model
of social interaction is the business relationship -- that children
must be raised by businesses, charities must be abolished and parks
must charge at the gate in Libertaria.  Briefly, it is not so.  Any
arrangement is libertarian and individualist, when it is made by free
choice of the individuals.  Families, parks run by private foundations
(these are common in New England), charities and, yes, the FSF, all are
welcome in Libertaria.  I'd expect them to thrive in fact.

> As one last parting shot, socialism is dead. (Ok, so some of you haven't
> noticed this yet, and continue to tilt at windmills.)

If I thought this group was promoting socialism, I would unsubscribe as
well.  Some socialists do think free software is socialist, but as
usual, the socialists are wrong.

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