Subject: Linux for Windows
From: Douglas Miller <>
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 09:28:49 -0700

We have been *selling* our UNIX on NT product, Interix, using a fairly
traditional software licensing model for the past few years. While we have
been successful, many of the people we are currently running into now are
fans of an Open Source model as used by the Linux vendors. We have also seen
a lot of requests for more Linux features in Interix. So, to address both
these factors, we have been "secretly" working for a number of months on a
Linux-friendly release of Interix that has most of what you would find on a
popular commercial Linux distribution (e.g. rpm, Gimp, Apache, sendmail etc.
etc.). We have also added the rest of the real UNIX features that are
required to make Interix truly UNIX capable (dynamic libraries, sym links,
single rooted file system, setuid, real XPG I18N etc.). 

We are looking for feedback on releasing this beast to the world. We are
planning to use an Open Source model but have the usual concerns about how
we make money. Can we use a model the makes the product and source available
to non-commercial and educational users at no cost but have a small fee per
copy for commercial use? Will potential users rebel because this runs on top
of a Microsoft operating system or will the Linux / UNIX crowd see this as
the first truly open, cross platform API for Windows? (We obviously believe
the later). 


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