Subject: Re: Does anyone buy software anyway?
From: "R. Brock Lynn" <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 02:46:11 -0500

Martin Kochanski wrote:

> But does anyone *buy* Word? Surely they just get it as part of Office; and they don't
buy Office either, because it comes bundled with their computer system.
> This surely is the problem with marketing free software. In the perception of most
users, existing commercial software is *already* free because it comes as part of the
whole package. Ten years ago people bought a computer and then bought the software;
now I would guess that the majority of computer users have never bought software and
never will.

I can personally say that the number of times I've actually bought software in
the past I can probably count on one hand. (most was stuff required for
university programming courses, Like the TASM and MASM assemblers) The last
being Quake I, back in the day, because I really wanted to see how well the 3D
graphics were, and of course how well things blew up. :)

But other than that, I got most of my software from the BBS Shareware scene many
years ago, and then from the internet later on. I gravitated away from TUCOWS
shareware for windows 3.1 as I switched to using a GNU/Linux system and have
used Free Software that runs under GNU/Linux ever since at home on my personal

I don't buy software... there's better stuff for free!

That's my reasoning for not shelling out BIG buckos for questionable software at
Fry's or Walmart, etc.