Subject: Re: EROS license
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 1999 12:15:14 -0400

>Alan Cox just gave the OS architecture high praise on the linux-kernel
>mailing list; he called it "Hurd done right" and seemed interested in
>helping.  Except for the license, of course.  :)

Actually, Alan hadn't looked at the licence in a long time.  He was responding
to the old research license, which was deliberately overconstrained because it
was a prerelease.

I hope that I have made clear what the rational for the difference in license
was, and that I agree that a more purely open source license would be
preferable.  How about speaking to the issues so that we can accomplish the
licensing objective that we would all prefer?

How IBM is relevant isn't clear; IBM has nothing to do with EROS.  That said, I
have made clear to IBM counsel that they are heading down a deep pit by
reinventing a new license, and would do better to work with the community.  I
will convey your concerns to the appropriate people within IBM with my own
endorsement of your assessment.

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