Subject: Re: 100 Acre Software...a look back
From: Ben Laurie <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 17:06:51 +0100 wrote:
> >(I did buy a Red Hat distribution, and I actually sent in a support
> >question via e-mail, which was never answered.  That was sort of
> >annoying, but even that was probably not a mistake on their part.
> >Offering support is an important selling point, but there's not much
> >benefit to actually providing it, since that would be expensive.)
> FWIW, my <> page had a bit of a
> rant against Redhat, as of when I first created a week ago, but, as
> of a couple of days (and several hours of phone tech support from
> Redhat) later, I'd amended it significantly.
> Hard to draw much of a *conclusion* from my experiences, but my
> *impression* is that they're realizing they have to get tech support
> "right", and maybe finally beginning to get the right people on board
> to make it happen.  Still, it ain't perfect.

Perhaps RH are an easy target, but after failing miserably to install
both RH5.2 and RH6.0, I reported a bug in RH's install (namely that it
was pretty much impossible to do an FTP install through a firewall,
because of an inability to correctly parse the URL), which was closed on
the basis that it was the same as another bug they were choosing to
ignore (which it wasn't). My complaint that this was incorrect was




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