Subject: Re: Why software patents are bad
Date: 17 Sep 1999 21:29:28 -0000

> I'm a bit unclear on the implications here.  Do you mean Redhat's
> rise to stardom invites others to try and siphon off some easy
> cash by violating the free-software copyrights used on so much
> of what goes into Redhat's distributions?

Very likely. Business will get into Linux without respecting or understanding
the copyrights, will resist enforcement, and will probably publicly label the
author a "hacker" (meaning criminal, to them) in an attempt to gain public
sympathy when he tries to enforce his copyright. It's only a matter of time.

> Or that Redhat itself
> might someday give into temptation to try to take portions of
> its distributions proprietary?  Both?  Or something else?

Remember that Marc and Bob might not be running that company forever.
Even when you trust the people involved, it's necessary to have good licenses,
etc., for when management changes.