Subject: Performance metrics of Open Source software.
From: Lacal Jose <>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 10:18:22 +0200


During my by-now infamous "Open Source software is good for Siemens"
speeches, I am constantly being asked about the performance of Open Source
software vs. that of commercial packages.

That is, is there any "official" set of measurements performed by a
"recognized" institution (meaning, something upper management here will
believe) that has compared the performance of the following software vs. its
commercial counterparts? Has anybody compiled such info somewhere?

- sendmail
- Apache
- squid

I know, I always say that "Apache runs 65% of all web sites, sendmail
transfers 70% of all e-mail, etc." but, still, management here needs some
hard facts. "IDC, in their latest benchmark studies, demonstrated that
Apache is ... faster than ..., and able to handle ...% more connections per
minute than ..." You get the picture.

It takes a lot of paperwork to convince a large company such as Siemens that
Open Source software should be officially supported. I keep on trying,

Any assistance appreciated. Regards.

Jose C. Lacal
Product Manager -> OpenSource Applications
Siemens AG - ICN IB NL CS
Hofmanstrasse 51
Building 1759, Room 932
D-81359  Munich
Germany   -   +49 (89) 722-49451