Subject: Re: Open letter to those who believe in a right to free software
From: Crispin Cowan <>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 00:41:40 +0000

"Stephen J. Turnbull" wrote:

> >>>>> "Crispin" == Crispin Cowan <> writes:
> "Stephen J. Turnbull" wrote:
>     >> >>>>> "Crispin" == Crispin Cowan <> writes:
>     Crispin> "Stephen J. Turnbull" wrote:
>     Crispin> Now *this* claim would seem to be rather specific, and
>     Crispin> need supporting.  Why would an all-free-software world be
>     Crispin> a poor world?
>     >> Because there would be less software, of lower-than-necessary
>     >> quality.  This matters a lot to non-programmers.
>     Crispin> I don't believe that this claim is sufficiently
>     Crispin> supported, either.
> It's not.  It is the considered judgement of an expert in the field
> who has not yet done, let alone presented, a formal analysis.

It's not about credentials. I think you're begging the conclusion.  Most
commercial software vendors would assume that your claim is true, while many
open source/free software advocates would assume that your claim is false.  I
feel that investigating precisely this point is critical to the impact that
economists :-) will have on the open source movement.  The open source
movement, for its part, is likely to carry doing its thing on regardless of
what you justify :-)

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